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I’ve been a Data Science student at Lambda School for one year now, and my time here has come to an end. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Lambda School, it is a “12 month accelerated program with an immersive (part-time, 16+ hours/week) hands-on curriculum with a focus on data science, statistics, machine learning , and data engineering.

In these last twelve months here, I have learned so much more than I expected to. I was able to discover and practice using the tools and techniques that I will use in my day-to-day life as a data scientist. …

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The goal of this project was to build an AirBnB clone focused solely in NYC. I worked on a team of UI, front-end, back-end, and data science developers. My job was to build the API that connected the model to the back-end.

While another Data Scientist developer was working on writing a good model for predicting the price, I started writing a quick baseline model to implement into the API. I got my data from Kaggle and hosted it on my Github here for personal ease of access.

I started where every DS project starts, data exploration and cleaning. …

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I will be using the Historical Tornado Tracks dataset from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) to predict a tornado’s F-scale rating. The data I am using can be found here.

First, lets discuss what the F-scale is. Also called the Fujita scale, the F-scale rating was introduced in 1971 by Ted Fujita and Allen Pearson. It was designed as a way to measure the impact a tornado had on man-made structures and vegetation. It is not a method of measuring a tornado’s width, path length, or wind speed.

While the original scale…

For the last last year I have tracked my sleep with the app Sleep as Android. The app tracks my sleep duration, movement, snoring, and deep sleep among other things. It also has an option to export the data as a .csv file. As a Data Scientist I was curious to learn more about my sleep patterns by analyzing this data.

I have to main goals I want to accomplish here:

  1. What is my optimal sleep duration?
  2. What is my optimal fall-asleep hour?

The first challenge I faced is the fact that data is incredibly dirty. I’m sure the developers…

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